Aydar Khusainov


Aydar Khusainov was born in 1956, in Ishimbai, Bashkortostan. He graduated the Physics faculty of the Bashkir State University (1974-1979) and completed post-graduated studies at Quantum Physics Chair at the Leningrad State University after Zhdanov (now The Petersburg State University.) Since 1983 Aydar Khusainov lives in Sosnovy Bor, the town in the Leningrad region of Russia. He taught physics at a professional technical school. Many years he worked in State optical institute . Aydar Khusainov began drawing in coloured pencil, ball-point pen, felt-tipped pen and chalk. Since 1991 Aydar Khusainov started to work in oil and have taken parts in exhibitions in St.Petersburg's and New York city.

In 2013 his works were placed in 7 volumes of the encyclopedia the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS, which is issued in USA and in 7 volumes of the encyclopedia the CONTEMPORARY MASTERS, which is issued in Athens,Greece.

He has got his parts in ART EXPO in San Diego, USA and ART EXPO In New York City and Maiami every year. Last year he received the international certificate of the artist, which he has given in Italy .